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Innovating Travel Through Technology–TravelPass Group featured by Microsoft

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Microsoft Bing Ads writers recently interviewed two leaders at TravelPass Group on the technology and marketing expertise they use to simplify and personalize the booking process for customers–in a travel industry flooded with options and choices. TravelPass Group operates several travel websites, including Reservation Counter and Reservation Desk. The following paragraphs are excerpts from the article.

Innovating Travel Through Technology

TravelPass Uses Data and Bing Ads to Target New Customers

“The more I can travel, the better,” explains Mike Hurren, TravelPass Group’s vice president of marketing. “I love meeting new people, getting new ideas and being involved in the whole travel process. We use a lot of what we learn in our travel experiences. We come back to work and always seem to talk about each other’s weekend trips and how it was such a great or horrible experience with this hotel or that airline, and how we could take that insight and make our products better.”

“We look at our product as a whole,” says Cameron Urry, the vice president of product for TravelPass Group. “We want to leverage the web to understand the customer’s needs. Sometimes, that’s giving them the ability to work with us in a direct line of communication. Like, ‘give us a call, we’ll help find the hotel that’s right for you.’ Or, ‘tell us your needs, tell us the situation, and we’ll get it booked and taken care of.’”

Rather than a frustrating maze of “contact us” pages and automated phone systems, Urry and Hurren want something more user-friendly. Because when they travel, they want a simple booking experience and fast, amiable customer service.

“There are a lot of players in the travel industry who would rather keep all the interactions online,” Hurren says. “We have our own call centers available to our customers 24/7. We’ve developed technology that links our marketing efforts with our phone efforts, attributing our sales back to the channel that drove customers. We can leverage what we know about our customers and use that in the sales process to make booking as easy and seamless as possible.”

“We’re a very data-driven company, and we have access to tons of data on what users prefer on our website, those who come through our search campaigns and those who prefer to use our best-in-class call center,” explains Hurren. “We know what speaks to them at scale because of data, and then we try to use that as much as possible to improve the customer experience through agent training and scripting in our call centers. Also, it’s in the way we tailor our websites to help travelers find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.”

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