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Why SEO?

Increased Brand Visibility

It is extremely likely that the sites appearing on the first page of search engine results have conducted some form of search engine optimization. It is becoming the norm - to opt out is to lose out. Not only are the websites appearing here more likely to be clicked because they are the first a user sees, many are considered trustworthy as they are perceived to have been 'ranked' and therefore vetted by search engines like Google.

Lower Cost

The benefits of organic SEO are even felt in the world of PPC. An improved site means more people are likely to stay on your page. Your rates will reduce too - as soon as Google sees that your offering is more relevant to the terms you bid on, it increases the quality score of your page. However, once your organic ranking improves, you may want to scale back PPC campaigns completely.

Stronger Online Presence

Search engine optimized websites tend to have greater shelf lives. Once you have established that prominent position, you may simply require "maintenance" in the form of a reduced link building and content-update provision.

How We Do It

We offer our SEO products to any business, large or small. Our team is highly trained and manages all of your on and off page optimization. Our team will conduct a web analysis of your pages, and with your input conduct keyword research. After the keyword research results are in we will work with you to determine what level of SEO your company needs. Our team takes it from there, handling all of the dirty work. We will provide you with progress reports, and monthly reporting to keep you in the know. The best thing about all of this is, well it works and it is a month to month service. We work for you, and your success is our success.